Textile designer and illustrator Malene Zapffe is from Copenhagen, Denmark.

In her studio workshop in Copenhagen, she creates screen-printed and hand dyed textiles. She uses both the traditional Japanese Shibori technique of folding and dyeing textiles by hand - as well as traditional silkscreen print, with her own drawings and patterns. She has revived the traditional, Japanese shibori textile art, as well as the classic screen printing technique into a contemporary, Nordic style and create patterns for new unique cushions, bags, coffee/tea cosies, often in blue, gray and green shades, like the sky and the sea, inspired of the colors of the Nordic nature.

Beside that, she draw things, that matters, living in a town like Copenhagen. Like bicycles, people, animals and places in town. Malene Zapffe says: “I often ride on my bike in Copenhagen and get inspired to make new drawings and patterns. I hope you feel a bit of the mood of Denmark- in my drawings.”

Malene Zapffe is educated textile designer and teacher from UCC Copehagen.

Malene Zapffe textile artist